About Us

The CSOL Conference offers an opportunity to collaborate and present research that relates to decision-making and learning within and between organizations. During the conference, we will hold a keynote session in the spirit of James March’s “A Scholar’s Quest”. In this article, March articulated a vision of scholarship grounded in a desire to explore ideas, pursuing a logic of appropriateness rather than a logic of consequence, and a quixotic desire to stay true to one’s identities. This keynote session reflects the spirit of these ideas, that scholars pursue research and inquiry because it is right, down paths that do not yield material or substantive reward but are worth pursuing because that is what scholars do.

This two-day conference is dedicated to developing a deeper understanding of organizational learning, and building stronger ties among scholars interested in learning within and between organizations. Usually, presentations are about 15 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of feedback and conversation. 

The conference is limited to approximately 40 people in the understanding organizational decision-making, organizational learning, and more broadly, organizations. This small format provides a casual and intimate setting for scholarly conversations and networking.

The conference usually begins in the afternoon on the first day, and finishes around noon on the third day. 

Meet The Team


David Maslach, FSU

Conference Organizer & Founder

Scholars Quest Committees


Jerry Guo,
Carnegie Mellon University

Scholars Quest Committee
2021, 2020

Arusyak Zakaryan,
SKEMA Business School

Scholars Quest Committee
2021, 2020

Vinit Desai,
University of Colorado Denver

Scholars Quest Committee

Martin Schulz,
Sauder School of Business

Scholars Quest Committee