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We love helping our community—email us if your questions have not been answered in the FAQs below!

What happens after I register?

Once we have your registration, we will be in touch to send more details about the conference including the schedule of presentations. 

Does CSOL still have a non-refundable upfront deposit?

We no longer have a non-refundable deposit option. The early bird fee structure replaced it.

What about Visas and insurance?

Please arrange visas, health and travel insurance on your own. If you need a letter for a Visa, please contact one of the conference organizers.

What should I do if I encounter travel restrictions that may affect my attendance at the conference?

We care about the conference being an inclusive and safe space for all participants. If your attending is affected by travel restrictions, please contact us, as we would like to ensure the wellbeing of all participants.

How do I contact a conference organizer?

Please email us! We can be reached at

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