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13: Learning in Networks and Ecosystems (Gurneeta Vasudeva)

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

By Gurneeta Vasudeva Singh - Minnesota

Prerecorded session

Live session


Required readings

Jones, S. L., Leiponen, A., & Vasudeva, G. (2021). The evolution of cooperation in the face of conflict: Evidence from the innovation ecosystem for mobile telecom standards development. Strategic Management Journal, 42(4), 710-740.

Say, G., & Vasudeva, G. (2020). Learning from digital failures? The effectiveness of firms’ divestiture and management turnover responses to data breaches. Strategy Science, 5(2), 117-142.

Vasudeva, G., Zaheer, A., & Hernandez, E. (2013). The embeddedness of networks: Institutions, structural holes, and innovativeness in the fuel cell industry. Organization science, 24(3), 645-663.

Discussion questions

As firms’ alliances and networks span multiple organizational, geographical and industry boundaries, how might institutional differences inform the learning/innovation outcomes for firms?

How do cooperation and conflict impact firms' learning outcomes in interdependent innovation ecosystems?

Group members

Faculty advisors


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