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28: Learning How to Select Ideas (Linus Dahlander)

Prerecorded session


Live session

Required readings

Dahlander, L., Thomas, A., Wallin, M. W., & Ångström, R. C. (2023). Blinded by the person? Experimental evidence from idea evaluation. Strategic Management Journal, 44(10), 2443-2459.

Criscuolo, P., Dahlander, L., Grohsjean, T., & Salter, A. (2021). The sequence effect in panel decisions: Evidence from the evaluation of research and development projects. Organization Science, 32(4), 987-1008.

Sharapov, D., & Dahlander, L. (2022). Selection regimes and selection errors: working paper link

Discussion questions

1- This stream of research (and the giants upon which we build) provides some evidence of how biases can influence selection. Discuss the potential implications of these findings for managing innovation within firms. How might companies design their evaluation processes to minimize the impact of such biases?

2- Our research is about R&D projects. To what extent do you think these findings are generalizable to other decision-making contexts, such as hiring decisions, academic admissions, or investment funding panels? Discuss potential similarities and differences in these contexts that might influence the results.

3- Considering the evolving research on the effects of organizational design on both the selection and generation of innovations, critically evaluate how the design of selection regimes can influence the strategic behavior of entrepreneurs and the adaptive processes of selectors.

Group members

Faculty advisors

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