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29: Performance Feedback Theory: From Aggregate Aspirations to Beliefs Regarding Choice Alternatives

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Required readings

Sobrepere i Profitós X, Keil T, Kuusela P. 2022. The Two Blades of the Scissors: Performance Feedback and Intrinsic Attributes in Organizational Risk Taking. Administrative Science Quarterly 67(4): 1012-1048.

Keil, T., Posen, H. E., & Workiewicz, M. (2023). Aspirations, beliefs and a new idea: building on March’s other model of performance feedback. Academy of Management Review, 48(4), 749-771.

Discussion questions

Theoretical problems: When do decision-makers focus on aspirations (aggregate performance feedback), and when do they focus on beliefs regarding alternatives (performance feedback regarding choice alternatives)?

Methodological problems: How can we systematically measure and compare performance of different choice alternatives in organizations that are somewhat different (e.g., different entry modes, governance modes, investment options)?

Group members

Faculty advisors

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