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17: Routine Dynamics and Temporality (Scott Turner)

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

By Scott Turner - South Carolina

Prerecorded session

Live session


Required readings

Feldman MS, Pentland BT, D'Adderio L, Dittrich K, Rerup C, and D Seidl. 2021. What is routine dynamics? In MS Feldman, BT Pentland, L D'Adderio, K Dittrich, C Rerup, and D Seidl (Eds), Cambridge Handbook of Routine Dynamics. pp. 1-18. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (available here)

Turner SF, and V Rindova. 2018. Watching the clock: Action timing, patterning, and routine performance. Academy of Management Journal. 61(4): 1253-1280.

Discussion questions

(1) How can a temporal perspective of Routine Dynamics advance our understanding of the ways in which organizations balance among goals for consistency/stability and change/innovation? As a couple examples of possible directions... How might this understanding be advanced by taking into account the temporal orientation of routine participants (such as whether they are oriented to the past, present, or future)? Or how does the interrelations among temporal patterns (such as sequence-based and timing-based) affect the balancing of goals for consistency and change?

(2) Think of an important organizational or societal issue (e.g., addressing climate change, responding to natural disasters, combating inequality or racism, acclimating to the rise of artificial intelligence) in which routines appear to play an important role. How can a temporal perspective of Routine Dynamics be drawn upon to advance understanding of this issue?

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