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19: A Behavioral Theory for Smart Contrarian (Chengwei Liu)

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

By Chengwei Liu - ESMT Berlin

Prerecorded session

Live session


Required readings

Denrell, J., Liu, C., & Maslach, D. (2023). Underdogs and One-Hit Wonders: When Is Overcoming Adversity Impressive?. Management Science, in print.

Liu, C. (2021). Why do firms fail to engage diversity? A behavioral strategy perspective. Organization Science, 32(5), 1193-1209.

Liu, C., Vlaev, I., Fang, C., Denrell, J., & Chater, N. (2017). Strategizing with biases: Making better decisions using the mindspace approach. California Management Review, 59(3), 135-161.

Discussion questions

How to develop normative implications based on the behavioral and learning theories from the CSOL? For example, how to search for strategic opportunities from theories of bounded rationality, learning traps, decision structures, or logic of appropriateness?

Group members

Faculty advisors


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