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23: Learning in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (Dev Dutta)

Prerecorded session

Live session

Required readings

Cobben, D., Ooms, W., Roijakkers, N., & Radziwon, A. (2022). Ecosystem types: A systematic review on boundaries and goals. Journal of Business Research, 142, 138-164.

Wurth, B., Stam, E., & Spigel, B. (2022). Toward an entrepreneurial ecosystem research program. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 46(3), 729-778.

Khurana, I., Dutta, D. K., & Ghura, A. S. (2022). SMEs and digital transformation during a crisis: The emergence of resilience as a second-order dynamic capability in an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Journal of Business Research, 150, 623-641.

Please read in order.

Discussion questions

Theoretical: Given that ecosystem interaction and partnerships are voluntary and not necessarily bound by contractual obligations, how are governance challenges mitigated? What theoretical lenses can you bring to the problem? What is/can be the role of learning in addressing ecosystem governance challenges?

Methodological: How would you investigate the phenomenon at the intersection of ecosystem governance and ecosystem learning to understand the multilevel nature of the phenomenon?

Group members

Faculty advisors

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