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24: Organizational Capabilities and Learning (Constance Helfat)

Prerecorded session

Live session

Required readings

Zollo, Maurizio, and Winter, Sidney G. 2002. Deliberate Learning and the Evolution of Dynamic Capabilities. Organization Science 13(3): 339-351.

Helfat, Constance E., and Peteraf, Margaret A. 2003. The Dynamic Resource-Based View: Capability Lifecycles. Strategic Management Journal 24: 997-1010.

Helfat, Constance E., and Winter, Sidney G. 2011. Untangling Dynamic and Operational Capabilities: Strategy for the (N)Ever-Changing World. Strategic Management Journal 32: 1243-1250.

Discussion questions

1. Deliberate and experience-based learning support the development of both operational and dynamic capabilities. In which real-world situations is deliberate versus experience-based learning likely to be more effective in developing organizational capabilities? Can you think of an empirical setting in which to test the relative importance of these two mechanisms, and how would you set up such a test?

2. The Capability Lifecycle explains the stages of development and change in an individual capability through learning and other mechanisms. Can we build a model of a “multiple-capability lifecycle” in which the lifecycles of individual capabilities are linked to one another, and if so, what would such a model look like? Note that it would be important to build a relatively parsimonious model.

Group members

Faculty advisors

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