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25: Learning and Interpretation in a World of Ignorance, Conflict, and Ambiguity (Claus Rerup)

Prerecorded session

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Live session

Required readings

Rerup, C., & Zbaracki, M. 2021. “The politics of learning from rare events.” Organization Science, 32 (6): 1391–1414.

Levinthal, D., & Rerup, C. 2021. “The plural of goal: Learning in a world of ambiguity.” Organization Science, 32 (3): 527-543.

Discussion questions

Learning and interpretation in the context of hidden goals.

Learning and interpretation in the context of invalid experience.

Integrating research on sensemaking and interpretation to enhance the study of learning from ambiguous experiences.

Additional Resources

Claus recommends watching the sessions from Marlys Christianson (here) and Daniel Newark (here) in preparation for his session.

Furthermore, the following are discussed in the recorded session but are not yet available for sharing.

Spencer, B., & Rerup, C. 2024. “The role of inferential interpretation in experiential learning: Deciphering hidden goals from ambiguous experience.” Administrative Science Quarterly, conditionally accepted.

Rerup, C., & Spencer, B. 2024. “Learning and interpretation in a world of disinformation: Footnotes on ignorance, conflict, and ambiguity.” Scandinavian Journal of Management.

Group members

Faculty advisors

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