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26: How Structure, Cognition, and Multiple Goals Interact in the Context of Performance Feedback (Songcui Hu)

Prerecorded session

Live session

Required readings

Hu, S., He, Z., Blettner, D., & Bettis, RA. 2017. Conflict inside and outside: Social comparisons and attention shifts in multidivisional firms. Strategic Management Journal, 38(7): 1435-1454.

Hu, S., & Bettis, RA. 2018. Multiple organizational goals with feedback from shared technological task environments. Organization Science, 29(5): 873-889.

Hu, S., Gu, Q., & Xia, J. 2022. Problemistic search of the embedded firm: The joint effects of performance feedback and network positions on venture capital firms’ risk taking. Organization Science, 33(5): 1889-1908.

Discussion questions

How do structure, cognition, and multiple goals influence the following aspects in the context of performance feedback?

(1) Which goal to attend?

(2) How to interpret performance outcomes?

(3) Where to search?

Group members

Faculty advisors

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