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6. Attention and Learning (William Ocasio)

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

By William Ocasio, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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Required readings

Ocasio, W., Rhee, L., Milner, D. (2020) . Attention, Knowledge, and Organizational Learning. In Oxford Handbook on Group and Organizational Learning, Linda Argote and John Levine (Eds). 81-94.

Joseph J., and Ocasio, W. (2012) “Architecture, Attention, and Adaptation in the Multibusiness Firm: General Electric From 1951 to 2001,” Strategic Management Journal. 33(6): 633-660.

Ocasio, W. (2011). “Attention to Attention,” Organization Science. 22(5): 1286-1296.

Ocasio, W. (1997). “Towards an attention-based view of the firm.” Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 18: 187-206.

Discussion questions

  1. The attention-based view does not explicitly incorporate goals into the theory, different from the behavioral theory of the firm. Can these two approaches be reconciled and if so how?

  2. How does the attention-based view of organizational knowledge and learning extend the contemporary economic environment with the prevalence of agile forms of organization, ecosystems, platforms, and other forms of meta-organizations?

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