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21: Performance Feedback: Problems and Opportunities for Future Research (Hart Posen)

Prerecorded session


Live session

Required readings

Keil, T., Posen, H. E., & Workiewicz, M. 2023. Aspirations, Beliefs and a New Idea: Building on March’s Other Model of Performance Feedback. Academy of Management Review, 48(4): 749–771.

Posen, H. E., Keil, T., Kim, S., & Meissner, F. D. 2018. Renewing Research on Problemistic Search—A Review and Research Agenda. The Academy of Management Annals, 12(1): 208–251.

Discussion questions

(1) Moving beyond adding moderators to the well-known performance feedback — change/search relationship.

(2) Taking the problem definition search seriously, not just the solution search.

(3) Considering alternative learning-based models of firm response to performance feedback

Group members

Faculty advisors

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